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Leiden PA Study

The slide observer is a tool to conduct surveys about histological images. Applications include inter observer studies and microscopy assessment of histological slides by one or more experts.

The tool was developed for an interobserver study from the European Network for Individualize Treatment in Endometrial Cancer (ENITEC). This network is dedicated to research in endometrial cancer and has indicated that uniformity of the pathology report is of upmost importance when researchers are exchanging material from their respective biobanks.


Public surveys


demo list

Test case reports

Test case reports

MOD1 Practical microscopy

Histology practical for Mechanisms of Disease 1, sept 2016

Boerhaave Bone Tumours

Slide list for Boerhaave course "A multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis of bone tumours"

BW2 Human pathology mesenchymal differentation


BW2: Human pathology: Practical microscopy

Histology of inflammation